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Fine jewelry is crafted to be worn and enjoyed. Still, like all things used, it needs to be looked after and cared for.

Depending on the design of the piece, there may be more or less maintenance required. The most common damage to fine jewelry is the result of wear and tear: bent rings or pulled prongs with lost stones as a result. 

It is normal for jewelry to experience some wear and tear over time, but taking good care for your jewelry will help to keep it healthy.


Taking good care of your jewelry helps to avoid wear and tear. Keep it in good condition and maintain your jewelry’s luster and sparkle. To help extend the longevity of your pieces, we recommend to remove your jewelry before:

  • Physical activities, such as exercising or housework
  • Using chemicals, such as household cleaning products, hair care or color products.
  • Going to bed.


Check your jewelry regularly for lifted prongs or loose gemstones. If there is space underneath the prong tip or you notice a stone moving, it needs some special attention.

Have your jewelry with valuable gemstones inspected by a professional at least once a year, for an early detection of worn, broken or lifted prongs. Especially for jewelry design with thin, delicate prongs, this is recommended. This service is quick and usually not very costly.


At home
Wash your jewelry with warm water and dish soap, and rinse it thoroughly with luke warm water. Dry or leave to dry on a clean, soft cloth.

In some cases, it can make a big difference to have your jewelry professionally cleaned by a jeweler. All dirt and dust will be removed in an ultrasonic bath, even from the tiniest spaces or underneath the settings.