NESTA – rough diamond single earring


nesta [nes-ta] Pure; sacred.

One sleeper hoop rough diamond earring with clicker system.

  • 14 karat gold of recycled origin.
  • Diameter hoop: 9 mm.
  • Thickness hoop: 1.1 mm.
  • Uncut diamond (0.07 ct / 3.1 x 2.7 mm).

This exact earring is sold, but can be made again especially for you.
Contact Florien Rovers and pick your own rough diamond for a new earring.


Just like ourselves and the people we love, each rough diamond is one of a kind – and treasured for its authenticity. We won’t cut them in standard shapes like there are already so many of, but leave and love them exactly the way they are.

Florien Rovers has carefully selected your diamond by its unique characteristics. Its edges, curves and the way it reflects the light: this all combines in a powerful image, suitable to symbolize and celebrate a special individual.

I’m special
This piece made-to-order. This means that it’s made especially for you, right after you have placed your order.
Production time: 1-2 weeks
I’m in a hurry
Do you need this piece before a specific date? Please contact Florien Rovers before ordering to ensure this will be possible. Every effort will be made to have your piece to you as quickly as possible.

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