All jewelry pieces by Florien Rovers are handmade and many of them are crafted especially to the specific wishes of a custom order. For this reason, returns are only accepted on certain pieces.

Please find below everything you need to know about returns, refunds and warranty.

  • Returns and exchanges are accepted only on unaltered “Ready to ship” pieces. This caption is clearly mentioned in the details tab of the product page.
  • “Ready to ship” pieces that are customized to your personal preferences (i.e. resized, engraved) are to be considered “Custom made pieces”.
  • Should you wish to return or exchange a piece, notify by email or via the contact page within 14 days after receiving the item concerned.
  • Return costs, such as packaging and shipment costs, will not be reimbursed by Florien Rovers. You agree to return the product safely with a tracking code, so there can be no confusion about the whereabouts and delivery of the package.
  • Items to be returned should be sent to:
    Florien Rovers
    Oudedijk 55B
    3062 AC Rotterdam
    The Netherlands
  • A refund will be done by Florien Rovers within 14 days after receiving the returned item.
  • Florien Rovers reserves the right to deny any returns and exchanges that are unreasonable.
  • In the case of custom made jewellery (i.e. specifically designed especially for one specific customer, tailored to a specific ring size or a resized ring, personal engravings) the customer renounces the right to exercise the 14-day withdrawal right when ordering a piece. 
  • Florien Rovers does not accept returns or exchanges on custom made pieces. These pieces are made especially for one specific customer, tailored to his or her particular wishes and needs.
  • Before and during the production process of a custom made piece, please feel free to ask additional information or footage of the jewelry piece you (wish to) order, to make sure the result matches your expectations.
  • Florien Rovers fine jewelry is entirely handmade and therefore there will always be some variations between pieces.
  • Florien Rovers pieces are fine and delicate and should be handled and worn with care. Please see the Care Note for more information on this.
  • When buying jewelry at Florien Rovers, you agree on following the guidelines described in the Care Note. Normal wear and tear on jewelry items is not considered a manufacturing fault.
  • If you feel a piece of jewelry is faulty, or if breakage has occurred, please contact via email and describe the nature of the problem, accompanied with pictures. The piece will be assessed in line with our warranty guidelines. 

Florien Rovers covers the cost of reasonable repairs under normal wear for the first six months after purchase. Normal wear is defined by wear that is in line with the detailed instructions in our Care Note. If a piece shows signs of improper care, or is damaged in a way resulting from something other than normal wear, i.e accidental damage, she will repair the piece at cost. An estimate of the repair will be given prior for approval by the customer. In the case that a piece requires repair, customers will be responsible for return shipping costs.

  • After 6 months, Florien Rovers will repair pieces at cost. An estimate of the repair will be given prior to the repair for approval by the customer.
  • Florien Rovers offers stone tightening (in an undamaged ring) at no charge during the first 2 years after purchase, and offer replacement of loosened earring butterflies or clasps at no charge.
  • Please note that if any other jeweler undertakes work on one of our pieces, including resizing or repairs, our warranty will be voided. Florien Rovers strongly recommends contacting her for repairs and resizes. She does not take any responsibility for repairs or resizes undertaken by other jewelers, or for the piece once it has been resized or repaired by another jeweler.